Longtown Mart

Weekly Primestock Sale - Every Thursday

Cast Ewes at 7am, Prime Lambs at 12 noon, Cattle at 1pm
Please advise all entries to the office
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Prime Cattle Deadweight Option

For those farmers who prefer to market their prime cattle direct to an abattoir, we have established working relationships with an number of outlets.
For further details, please contact Ryan Roddan on 07733 362 389

Tuesday 2nd September - 10.00am

4,000 Store Lambs of all classes [lamb report]
followed by
Annual Main Sale of 4,000 Correct Lowland Ewes & Shearlings also Zwartbles Rams & Females together with Rams of all Classes
download catalogue pdf
Fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle [cattle report]

Tuesday 9th September - 10.00am

6,000 Store Lambs of all classes
Including 1st main sale of Hill Cheviots & Blackfaces

Friday 12th September

Cydectin Kelso Ram Sales - 534 Rams
We are favoured with our largest entry of rams since taking part in the above sales. Comprising:- 20 Blue Texel shearlings, 294 MV Accr Crossbred shearlings, 62 Charollais shearlings, 12 Suffolk shearlings, 33 non MV Crossbred shearlings, 114 Texel shearlings. For further details contact Archie Hamilton

Tuesday 16th September

Principal Prize Show & Sale of mainly "North of England" Mule Ewe Lambs
Sponsored by Allflex
Including 2nd Sale of Cheviot Mules & Second Sale of Lowland Ewes & Shearlings

Entries Close 12noon Monday 8th September
Special September Sale of Store Cattle & Suckler Calves together with September Breeding Sale
Catalogue sale, entries close Tuesday 9th September
Entries include: dispersal from Messrs McNeil, Toftholm, 11 Angus hfrs > 3rd calvers with Lim calves & 3 Ang/Lim hfrs/cows ic to Lim. Also 25 Lim/BB 2nd calvers with Lim Calves at foot from one farm.

Wednesday 17th September

Store lambs of all classes (Inc. Cheviots & Blackfaces) followed by
W Armstrong

Inaugural prize show & sale of Registered Bluefaced Leicester Rams, Ram Lambs & Females
(Under the auspices of the Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeders Association)
download catalogue pdf
Sponsored by Wm. Armstrong Ltd & Natural Stock Care

Tuesday 23rd September - 10.00am

Store Lambs of all classes (Inc. Special Sale of Cheviots & Blackfaces) also Mid September Sale of Rams of all Classes
Catalogue sale for rams, entries close 12noon Tuesday 16th September.

Friday 26th September

at Anderson Park, Campbeltown
Annual Sale of Rams, Ram Lambs & Breeding Sheep of all Classes

Entries to John Armour – 01586 810231 (day) 552404 (evenings)

Wednesday1st October

Border Ewe Sale

Saturday 4th October

Great Annual Prize Show & Sale of Suckler Calves

Private Sales

40-50 MV Accredited Gimmers
(Scrapie monitored if possible, not essential)
Top price paid
Contact Norman Douglas – 07786 366 833

50 Hexham Type Mule Gimmers
Contact Neil McCleary 07771 685 073

(Ref: LB09)
17 British Blue Cross Cows
12 Pure Blonde Cows
40 Continental Cross Cows

All with fantastic Spring born Blonde calves at foot
Contact Libby Bell 07818 435 728

(Ref: LB08)
2 Pedigree Charolais Bulls (20 months old) Excellent breeding and conformation
Contact Libby Bell 07818 435 728

(Ref: LB07)
Wanted for Hire Aberdeen Angus Bull to use on Heifers
Contact Libby Bell 07818 435 728

(Ref: LB06)
Wanted 200 Swaledale Ewes
(2-4crop) also 50 Swaledale Gimmer Lambs
Contact Libby Bell 07818 435 728

(Ref: LB05)
British Blue Bull
, 7 year old, calves can be seen
Contact Libby Bell 07818 435 728

(Ref: LB04)
Limousin Bull, 3 year old
Contact Libby Bell 07818 435 728

(Ref: CB01)
Wintering wanted for 200-300 Blackface Hoggs
Contact the office 01228 791215

(Ref: LB03)
3 Galloway x Limousin Bulling Heifers (good quality)
Contact Libby Bell 07818 435 728

(Ref: RR06)
British Friesian Bull (5 yr old/TB4)
Contact Ryan Roddan 07733 362 389

(Ref: ND01)
10-12 Shorthorn x Highland Bulling Heifers
Good types, 22 months old, Scottish
Contact Norman Douglas 07786 366 833

(Ref: LB02)
British Blue Bull 3 years old [photo]
Contact Libby Bell 07818 435 728

(Ref: RR05)
Charolais Bull (20 mths)
Contact Ryan Roddan 07733 362 389

(Ref: RR04)
15 Limousin & British Blue Bulling Heifers (20-24mths) [photos]
Contact Ryan Roddan 07733 362 389

(Ref: RR03)
2 British Blue in calf heifers (1 i/c to Lim, 1 i/c to Angus)
7 British Blue bulling heifers
10 British Blue heifers (6-12mths)
All from one farm
Contact Ryan Roddan 07733 362 389

(Ref: RR02)
Simmental Bull 2yo, very quiet, easy calving lines [photos]
Contact Ryan Roddan 07733 362 389

(Ref: NM03)
Organic Pedigree Highland Cattle
viz:- 3 two year old bulls, 4 one year old bulls, 15 one year old heifers, 10 two year old heifers, 16 three year old bullocks, 22 one year old bullocks
Contact Neil McCleary 07771 685 073

(Ref: SH01)
1 Belted Galloway Bull (2 ½ yr old – ped/non reg)
2 Belted Galloway Bulls (12mths old – ped/reg)
Contact Sam Hogg 07584 207 323

(Ref: RR01)
Simmental Breeding Bull (Scottish 2 yr old)
Contact Ryan Roddan 07733 362 389